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5 Strategies to Prevent Online Fraud

Like sand through the hourglass, the world keeps on turning and scammers keep trying to trick consumers and businesses with online fraud. Whether the purpose is to steal your money, personal information, or gain access to your employer’s data, becoming a victim of online fraud can have serious consequences. It’s also a huge pain to … Continued

Lessons to Teach Your Kids About Cybersecurity

According to the Department of Homeland Security, kids between the ages of 8 and 18 kids spend an average of 7 hours and 38 minutes each day online. But the sheer amount of time spent online is only one of the many issues revolving around digital exposure. Most parents are painfully aware of how nefarious … Continued

Beware Phishing Scams in 2022: Know How to Spot the Signs

If you sometimes feel like you’re experiencing “information overload,” you’re not alone. Thanks to the Internet and 24-hour news cycle, there is always a “breaking news” article to read and share with others. Unfortunately, scammers take advantage of our fractured attention to try and slip a phishing message past us undetected. Whether through email, text … Continued

Keep Your Finances Safe While Shopping Online

With an increase in spending online comes an increase in financial fraud. As more and more consumers shop online, cyber-thieves are taking advantage. Most people admit to using the same password for multiple accounts, which opens the door for these cyber-criminals to gain access to their accounts. Fraudsters know shopping sites are rife with opportunities … Continued