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Meet Your Financial Goals in 2022

We’re Here For Your Financial Resolutions

According to Fidelity’s Financial Resolutions survey, saving more money was the number one ranked 2022 resolution for respondents.

There are many reasons why people want to save money. Some look forward to purchasing big ticket items such as a new car, a vacation, or even a down payment on a new home. Some may want to relieve the stress of unforeseen circumstances by putting savings into an emergency fund. Others may want to cut spending in certain areas like going out to eat, in order to afford price increases in gas, rent, or any number of things affected by inflation.

Start Small!

If your goal is to increase savings in the new year, it helps to start small. Once you get into the habit, you may be more inclined to add more savings to your account as time goes on. Make it even easier on yourself by automating the process, so saving becomes a no-brainer! One way to do is with our Round Up Savings account. This account automatically takes the “change” left over from your AMNB Debit Card purchases, and places it in your AMNB Savings Account. It’s like a “penny jar”, but we do all the work!

Track & Plan

Another way to automate and simplify your saving, is to take advantage of our new online and mobile banking feature, Money Tracker. This new feature connects with all of your financial accounts, tracks your spending, and categorizes expenses so you can easily see your entire financial picture. By understanding where and exactly how much you spend, you can make more informed decisions about your finances, set goals, and achieve them!

Money Tracker allows you to:

  • Spend Smarter – The “spending wheel” shows you at a glance, how much you’re spending on bills, entertainment, dining, retail, and more.
  • Budget Better – Build and view spending targets that are important to your financial big picture. The Insights feature shows your spending history, along with suggestions on how to stay on track.
  • Set custom alerts that help you keep your spending in check and, as an added bonus, can help prevent fraud across all your financial accounts!

We are here to help you with your financial health in 2022. Contact us with questions or support!